Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 12 pp 959—968

Phospho-ΔNp63α/Rpn13-dependent regulation of LKB1 degradation modulates autophagy in cancer cells


Figure 4. Cisplatin induces a protein complex formation between p-ΔNp63α and Rpn13 in wild type ΔNp63α cells and between Rpn13 and LKB1 in ΔNp63α-S385G cells. Wild type ΔNp63α cells and ΔNp63α-S385G cells were exposed to control media and 10μg/ml cisplatin for 24h. Immunoprecipitation (IP) was performed with indicated antibodies and the protein levels were tested with indicated antibodies. (A) Immunoblotting. (B) and (C) Immino-precipitation.