Research Paper Volume 2, Issue 12 pp 999—1003

Systemic signals in aged males exert potent rejuvenating effects on the ovarian follicle reserve in mammalian females


Figure 2. Ovarian Stra8 expression is increased by exposure to blood of aged males. (A) Analysis of Dazl, Stra8 and β-actin mRNA levels in ovaries of YF mice 5 weeks after parabiosis with YF, YM or AM mice (n = 4 mice per group, with results from each mouse shown; no RT, RNA without reverse transcriptase, used as a negative control). (B, C) Examples of STRA8-positive cells in ovaries of YF mice 5 weeks after parabiotic joining with AM mice, as detected by immunofluorescence (red immunopositive signal against blue DAPI counterstain).