Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 11 pp 1078—1091

Yeast-like chronological senescence in mammalian cells: phenomenon, mechanism and pharmacological suppression


Figure 6. Effects of glycolytic phenotype, apoptosis resistance and anoxia on CS in medium initial cell density. HCT116, HCT Bax−/− cells and HT-p21-9 cells were plated at 20000 per well in 96 well plates and after 1 day were placed in normoxia or anoxia. If indicated, cells were treated with 100 nM rapamycin (R). (A) Wells were photographed (upper panels) and LA (lower panels) was measured on 1 day (D 1) and on the last 4th day (D 4) of culture. (B) Replicative viability. On day 8, equal aliquots of attached cells were plated in 6 well plates. After 7 days, colonies were stained with Crystal Violet (upper panel) or total numbers of cells per well were determined by counting (lower panel).