Research Paper Volume 3, Issue 11 pp 1078—1091

Yeast-like chronological senescence in mammalian cells: phenomenon, mechanism and pharmacological suppression


Figure 8. Effects of IPTG, rapamycin and initial cell densities on CS. HT-p21-9 cells were plated at indicated densities (x103) in 96-well plates in the presence of IPTG and/or 500 nM rapamycin (R) or left untreated (C). (A) On day 1, plates were photographed. (B) On Day 1 lactate concentrations were measured in media. (C) On day 4 plates were photographed. (D) On Day 4 alive (attached) and dead (floating) cells were counted in wells with initial plating density of 140,000 cells/well. (E) Replicative viability of attached cells was measured as described in Materials and Methods and legend for Figure 1.