Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 12 pp 952—965

Potential anti-aging agents suppress the level of constitutive mTOR- and DNA damage- signaling


Figure 4. Reduction of the level of constitutive expression of RP-S6P in A549 cells exposed to MF, BRB, Vit. D3 or RSV for 24 h.

Exponentially growing in chamber slides A549 cells, were treated with the respective agents and their fluorescence was measured the laser scanning cytometry (LSC)75. Top panels show RP-S6P immunofluorescence integrated over the nuclei (reporting expression of RP-S6P in the cytoplasm located over and below the nucleus); bottom panels present RP-S6P immunofluorescence integrated over the cytoplasm aside of the nucleus. The percent decrease in expression of RP-S6P in cells in particular phases of the cell cycle (mean values) is shown above the arrows. Because stock solutions of some of these agents were made in DMSO, other in MeOH or EtOH, the equivalent quantities of these solvents were included in the respective control culture and the percent decrease shown in the panels refers to the decrease compared to these controls shown are the cells from EtOH and DMSO containing controls. The insets present DNA content frequency histograms from the respective cultures.