Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 12 pp 952—965

Potential anti-aging agents suppress the level of constitutive mTOR- and DNA damage- signaling


Figure 5. Effect of treatment of WI-38 cells with 2dG, MF, RAP, BRB, Vit. D3 or RSV for 24 h on the level of constitutive expression of γH2AX (left panel) and RP-S6P (right panel).

Exponentially growing cells, were treated with the respective agents at concentrations as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, RP-S6P was detected immunocytochemically and cell fluorescence was measured with the laser scanning cytometry (LSC). The bar graphs present the mean fluorescence intensity measured as an integral over the nucleus (γH2AX) or over cytoplasm (PR-S6P).