Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 9 pp 643—652

CD137 ligand reverse signaling skews hematopoiesis towards myelopoiesis during aging


Figure 1. Aged CD137−/− and CD137L−/− mice have reduced myelopoiesis in bone marrow compared to WT.

Bone marrow cells of 3 and 12 months old WT, CD137−/− and CD137L−/− mice were stained for CD11b, Ly6G and Ly6C. (A) Gating strategy for (B) granulocytes (CD11b+, Ly6C+, Ly6G+) and (C) monocytes (CD11b+, Ly6C+, Ly6G) in the bone marrow. (B) Number of granulocytes and monocytes in the bone marrow. Each group consisted of at least 5 mice. Data are representative of two independent experiments. *p<0.05.