Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 8 pp 623—636

Berberine suppresses gero-conversion from cell cycle arrest to senescence


Figure 4. Suppression of rpS6 phosphorylation and reduction of size of human lymphoblastoid TK6 cells grown in the presence of BRB at 5 μM - 60 μM concentration.

Exponentially growing TK6 cells were untreated (Ctrl) or treated with BRB at concentrations as shown, for 24 h. Top panels: the bivariate distributions of rpS6P expression versus DNA content. Figures show percent decrease in expression of the mean rpS6P for cells at G1, S and G2M phases of the cell cycle, respectively, growing in the presence of BRB vis-à-vis to the untreated cells. Insets show the frequency histograms of rpS6P expression for all cells in culture. Bottom panels: Bivariate distributions of cellular forward light scatter (FLS) versus DNA content. Percent decrease in of mean value of FLS, considered to represent cellular size [49,50], of G1, S and G2M of cells growing in the presence of BRB with respect to the untreated cells is shown with the arrows. Insets illustrate DNA content frequency histograms of cells from the respective cultures.