Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 8 pp 623—636

Berberine suppresses gero-conversion from cell cycle arrest to senescence


Figure 5. Detection of BRB fluorescence in live A549 cells exposed to this isoquinoline.

Exponentially growing A549 cells were treated with 5 μM BRB for 60 min, rinsed with PBS and examined under fluorescence microscopy. Immediately after illumination (the first min after exposure to UV) the BRB yellow fluorescence was localized almost exclusively in mitochondria (A). With extended time of illumination (2 min) intensity of fluorescence of mitochondria declined while nuclear and nucleolar fluorescence become more apparent (B). After 5 min exposure to UV no mitochondrial fluorescence was evident whereas intensity of nuclear and nucleolar fluorescence was distinctly increased (C). Images taken with the Nikon Microphot FXA; objective Fluor 40X.