Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 10 pp 741—758

TAF-4 is required for the life extension of isp-1, clk-1 and tpk-1 Mit mutants


Figure 2. Transcription Factor Sub-Families are Enriched Within Set of Identified RNAi Clones.

(A) Hypergeometric probability analysis was performed on the 15 transcription factors identified in our phenotypic screen. RNAi targeting genes encoding transcription factors belonging to the basic helix-loop-helix (HIF-1, AHA-1) and basic leucine zipper domain (JUN-1) sub-families occurred more frequently than expected by chance. (B) Locus surrounding nhr-27 and nhr-214 on the X chromosome of C. elegans (Wormbase, Version: WS236). Secondary RNAi targets are sites where RNAi clones are predicted to cross-react with unintended gene loci (JA: refers to the Julie Ahringer RNAi library clones used in this study). (C) Phylogenetic relationship between nhr-27, nhr-214 and other nuclear hormone receptors. (Tree was constructed by Numbers indicate bootstrap values (percentage of times branch pattern was maintained).