Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 2 pp 231—244

Reversal of phenotypes of cellular senescence by pan-mTOR inhibition


Figure 3. Lysosomal distribution and function are altered on AZD8055 treatment. Fibroblasts at CPD 73 were treated with AZD8055 or DMSO for 7 days then imaged for (A) lysosomes using LysoTracker Red. (B) Quantification of lysosomal signal over nuclear signal was conducted using ImageJ analysis, for cells at early CPD (36) and those nearing senescence (CPD73) with either AZD8055 treatment at 35 nM or DMSO control. (C) SA-β-gal staining of fibroblasts following one week of AZD8055 treatment. (D) Three independent biological replicates were each assayed by manually scoring SA-β-gal positive cells - numbers scored for each sample are shown under the graph. Difference between the means of the AZD8055-treated and DMSO controls are significant at p<0.005 using one tailed student t test.