Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 9 pp 1923—1939

Disruption of mechanical stress in extracellular matrix is related to Stanford type A aortic dissection through down-regulation of Yes-associated protein


Figure 3. (A) Echocardiographic results showing that the area of the ascending aorta without colorful blood flow in the BAPN model suggesting a false cavity of dissection. (B) Gross examination revealing mural hematomas in the BAPN model, suggesting a false cavity of dissection. (C) H&E and elastin staining showing obvious disorganization of the aortic tissue structure in the BAPN model. (D, E) Confocal fluorescence microscopy showing that the cell number of double stained (TUNEL and α-SMA) cells was significantly more in the BAPN-induced ascending aortic dissection model (n=10 in Sham group, n=10 in BAPN group, *p=0.0335).