Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 9 pp 2153—2181

Age-related changes in cerebellar and hypothalamic function accompany non-microglial immune gene expression, altered synapse organization, and excitatory amino acid neurotransmission deficits


Figure 2. Aged C57BL/6 mice have fewer locomotor bouts during the dark cycle, and a greater proportion of weaving locomotor bouts compared to young cohorts. (A) Aged C57BL/6 mice display fewer bouts of dark cycle locomotion compared to young cohort. (B) Increased locomotor bout durations in aged C57BL/6 mice. (C) Distribution of minimum bounding rectangle areas (MBRs; cut off at 10 to better show small rectangle areas) for locomotor bouts of young and aged C57BL/6 mice. Smaller MBRs indicate more direct locomotor paths. Median values for each cohort in legend. Traces in light green correspond to aged mice, dark green correspond to young mice. Greyed region depicts dark cycle, dashed lines indicate dark cycle onset and offset, respectively. Asterisks indicate p<0.01, Bonferroni corrected; error bars are ± 1 standard error of the mean.