Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 9 pp 2100—2126

Cell cycle controls stress response and longevity in C. elegans


Figure 1. Inhibition of cell cycle extends lifespan and enhances stress tolerance. (A) Lifespan analysis in wild type animals fed with cdk-2(RNAi) or control. Inhibition of cdk-2 increases the mean lifespan by 28%. (B) Lifespan analysis in wild type animals fed with cye-1(RNAi) or control. (C) Increased resistance to heat (35°C) deriving from cdk-2 and cye-1(RNAi). See Table S3 for statistics. (D) Inhibition of cye-1 and cdk-2 by RNAi increases resistance to oxidative stress from TBHP. Statistical analyses are presented in Table S4. (E) Inhibition of key components of the cell cycle machinery extends lifespan. EV refers to empty RNAi vector control. All survival plots show combined data from at least two experiments. See also Table 1 for corresponding data and statistics, and Table S1 for individual experiments.