Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 1 pp 34—55

Muscle function decline and mitochondria changes in middle age precede sarcopenia in mice


Figure 2. Mitochondrial morphology and orientation are different in the different age groups. Each bar represents the mean ± SD of 4-5 mice. *p<0.05. **p<0.01 ***p<0.001 (A) Representative Confocal images of isolated FDB muscle fibers electroporated with Mito-DsRed for each age group are shown in pseudo-color. Right panel shows the different orientations of mitochondria given in the analysis in different colors (B) Number of mitochondria per cell is significantly increased in the Young (6 - 9 mo) group. (C) Volume of mitochondria is significantly increased in the adult group when compared with young and old. (D) Histogram representing the orientation of mitochondria shows an important shift from longitudinal towards a transverse orientation in the middle age group.