Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 1 pp 100—114

Effects of senescence and angiotensin II on expression and processing of amyloid precursor protein in human cerebral microvascular endothelial cells


Figure 2. The influence of senescence on expression and processing of APP in human BMECs. Human BMECs were passaged 5 and 15 times. Cell lysates were subjected to Western blot. Protein levels of (A) APP, (B) ADAM10, (C) ADAM17, (D) ADAM9 and (F) BACE1 were measured, n=6-9. Cells were incubated in 1.5ml EGM2 for 24h. Conditioned media were collected for measuring sAPPα (E, n=13) and Aβ40 (G, n=15) via commercially available ELISA kits respectively. Data are presented as mean±SEM, *P<0.05, compared to P5.