Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 1 pp 100—114

Effects of senescence and angiotensin II on expression and processing of amyloid precursor protein in human cerebral microvascular endothelial cells


Figure 3. The effects of BACE1 inhibitor IV on young and senescent human BMECs. P5 cells (A and C) and P15 cells (D and F) were treated with 2ml EGM2 + BACE1 inhibitor IV (5μM) or 2ml EGM2 alone (ctrl) for 24h. Aβ40 (A and D, n=6-7) and sAPPα (C and F, n=6) levels from cell supernatants were analyzed using commercially available ELISA kits respectively. P5 cells (B) and P15 cells (E) were treated with BACE1 inhibitor IV with indicated concentrations for 24h. Protein samples were subjected to Western blot, n=4. Data are presented as mean±SEM, *P<0.05, compared to control.