Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 1 pp 100—114

Effects of senescence and angiotensin II on expression and processing of amyloid precursor protein in human cerebral microvascular endothelial cells


Figure 6. Schematic summary of effects of senescence, Ang II and BACE1 inhibitor IV on expression and processing of APP in human BMECs. (A) and (B) Senescence impairs α-processing of APP and enhances β-processing of APP. BACE1 inhibitor IV reverses the impairment caused by senescence by inhibiting Aβ generation and increasing expression of ADAM10 and sAPPα production. (C) and (D) Ang II impairs α-processing of APP in senescent cells. BACE1 inhibitor IV reverses reduced ADAM10 expression caused by Ang II, but does not affect sAPPα production, most likely as a result of decreased expression of APP. [↑= up-regulation, ↓=down-regulation, (-)=no effect]