Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 9522—9541

EGB761 ameliorates chronic cerebral hypoperfusion-induced cognitive dysfunction and synaptic plasticity impairment


Figure 5. EGB761 could prevent the degeneration of dendritic spines and downregulation of molecules and pathways related to the formation and stability of dendritic spines after CCH. The rats’ brains were fixed with formaldehyde and impregnated with Golgi staining solution to observe the dendritic spines. (A) Schematic diagram of morphological classification of dendritic spines was showed. (B) The dendritic spine were observed in 100μm sections (Bar scale=5μm) and density (C), percentage of different kinds of spines (D), and maturity (E) of dendritic spines were counted and calculated (n=3 for 4 group). The brain homogenates were investigated and relatively quantitatively analyzed by proteins blotting for Drebrin, p-cofilin, t-cofilin, Fyn, p-LIMK1, t-LIMK1, p-PAK1, t-PAK1, Rac1 and β-actin antibody (FL).