Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 9719—9731

Whole-life body composition trajectory and longevity: role of insulin


Figure 1. Longevity is associated with weight trajectory patterns. Rats (N = 96) ranked into 5 lifespan categories (LS1 to LS5), where all groups of rats show a common trajectory pattern of two discrete life phases: weight gain (long) and weight loss (short) periods (A). An inverse relationship between average survival time and peak weight of the groups ranked from the shortest to the longest lived group (B). Abbreviation: LS, lifespan; LS1 (short-lived, survival time < 579 days); LS2 (survival time 582-672 days); LS3 (survival time 672-738 days); LS4 (survival time 738-870 days); LS5 (long-lived, survival time 870-1032 days).