Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10087—10098

Predicting the location of the preoptic and anterior hypothalamic region by visualizing the thermoregulatory center on fMRI in craniopharyngioma using cold and warm stimuli


Figure 2. Preoperative midsagittal contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MRI scans showed a suprasellar solid tumor, and the coronal task-related fMRI showed the activated POAH of the hypothalamus in case 19. The orange arrow indicated the activated POAH. The postoperative sagittal and coronal contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MRI showed that GTR was achieved. Intraoperative photographs of subject 19 showed that the tumor was not tightly adhered to the surrounding tissues, and the tumor was sharply separated from the surrounding tissues through the CPC approach. After complete resection of the tumor, the midbrain aqueduct and hypothalamus could be observed. No significant increase in body temperature was observed during the perioperative period. fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging; POAH: preoptic and anterior hypothalamic region; GTR: gross total resection; CPC: chiasm-pituitary corridor; OC: optic chiasma; T: tumor.