Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10289—10311

A novel immune-related prognostic signature in epithelial ovarian carcinoma


Figure 4. Differentially expressed TFs in EOC, and transcriptional regulatory network constructed of TFs for prognostic IRGs. (A) Heatmap of significantly differentially expressed TFs in EOC. (B) Volcano plot of differentially expressed TFs. (C) Correlations between differentially expressed TFs and 23 prognostic IRGs (P<0.05). (D) Regulatory network of TFs and the main prognostic IRGs (correlation coefficient >0.5 and P<0.05). The red circles represented upregulated expression of prognostic immune-related genes, the green circles represented downregulated expression of prognostic immune-related genes, the blue triangles represent prognosis-related TFs, and the orange lines represent positive regulatory correlations.