Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10312—10325

Membrane-cytoplasm translocation of annexin A4 is involved in the metastasis of colorectal carcinoma


Figure 3. CA1 promoted ANXA4 aggregation in the cell membrane. (A) 187 commonly changed genes in CRC samples from the GSE 25070 (USA), GSE 41258 (Israel), GSE 44076 (Spain) and GSE 44861 (USA) datasets. (B) The CA1 mRNA expression level was significantly lower in colorectal cancer tissues than in normal tissues in the TCGA database. (C) Negative correlation analysis between ANXA4 and CA1 in the GSE 20916 and GSE 8671 datasets. (D) Decreased expression of CA1 and increased expression of ANXA4 in Chinese CRC samples, as determined by IHC (n=103). (E) Common cellular component enrichment results for CA1 and ANXA4 determined by GO analysis. (F) CA1 promoted ANXA4 aggregation in the cell membrane, as demonstrated by immunofluorescence imaging.