Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 7 pp 10450—10467

RIPK2 is an unfavorable prognosis marker and a potential therapeutic target in human kidney renal clear cell carcinoma


Figure 8. Knockdown of RIPK2 inhibit the 786-O cell proliferation, migration, colony formation and in vivo growth. (A) Western blot analysis of the 786-O cells stably transfected with control shRNA (NTC), or that targeting RIPK2 coding region (shRIPK2-1 and shRIPK2-2). (B) Quantitative PCR analysis of the RIPK2 mRNA level. Data are means ± SD (n=3), **p<0.01; (C) Cell proliferation results expressed in means ± SD (n=5), **p<0.01. (D) Colony formation assay photos (left) and quantitative results (right), Data are means ± SD (n=3), **p<0.01. (E) Migration result of 786-O cells, migrated cells were calculated and expressed with means ± SD (n=5), **p<0.01. (F) In vivo xenograft model of 786-O, the tumor volume was determined twice a week. Tumor volume was expressed in means ± SEM (n=5), **p<0.01.