Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 6 pp 2665—2677

Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells may reduce intestinal epithelial damage in ulcerative colitis by communicating with macrophages and blocking inflammatory pathways: an analysis in silico


Figure 3. Single-cell atlas of ADMSCs. (A) Flow chart of sampling, sequencing and analysis of ADMSCs in this study. (B) 2D visualization of four clusters of 24,258 ADMSCs on the UMAP plot. (C) 2D visualization of stemness score of four cluster of ADMSCs on the UMAP plot. (D) Pseudotime developmental trajectory of ADMSCs shown in the UMAP plot. (E) Heat map, showing the expression of specific marker genes in each cluster of ADMSCs. (F) Regulon modules identified based on the regulon CSI matrix. The right panel shows representative transcription factors, their binding motifs, and associated cell types. (G) UMAP plot, showing the expression of transcription factors in each ADMSC cluster. ADMSCs: adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. UMAP: uniform manifold approximation and projection for dimension reduction. CSI: connection specificity index.