Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 6 pp 2880—2901

A systematic pan-cancer study demonstrates the oncogenic function of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C


Figure 7. Screening for HNRNPC-related genes. (A) The interaction network of the first hundred experimentally determined HNRNPC-binding proteins by STRING. (B) Venn diagram was used to look at the intersection genes of the two databases (100 HNRNPC-binding proteins by STRING; 200 HNRNPC-related genes using the cBioPortal online). (C) The scatter plot was used to observe the correlation between KPNA4, SMARCC1, YWHAE and HNRNPC. (D) Corresponding heatmap data for KPNA4, SMARCC1, YWHAE in pan-cancer.