Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 3801—3812

In vitro and in vivo anti-lymphoma effects of Ophiorrhiza pumila extract


Figure 4. OPE induces apoptosis in A20-derived tumors. (A) The effect of OPE on tumor apoptosis. The tumor apoptosis was evaluated by TUNEL staining (green). DAPI (blue) was used to stained nuclei. (B) Western blot analysis of apoptosis-related proteins in tumor tissues. (C) The alteration of the Bax/Bcl2 ratio in tumor tissues following treatment with OPE. (D) Immunohistochemistry staining analysis of the cleaved caspase3-positive cells and Ki67-postive cells in tumor tissues. Data are presented as means ± SD of at least three independent experiments. (*p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001, compared to the untreated control).