Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 3887—3909

Ox-LDL-mediated ILF3 overexpression in gastric cancer progression by activating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway


Figure 1. ILF3 was up-regulated in gastric cancer. (A) Expression of ILF3 mRNA in gastric cancer samples (n = 375) and normal samples (n = 32) from the TCGA data. (B) ILF3 protein expression was detected by IHC. ILF3 positive staining in tumor tissues was increased relative to non-cancerous tissues. (C) Western blot analysis of ILF3 in paired tumor tissues and non-cancerous tissues. The ILF3 expression level of mRNA was higher in cancer tissue than in normal tissues. (D) Western blot analysis of ILF3 protein in gastric epithelial cell line (GES-1) and gastric cancer cells lines (SGC-7901, HGC-27, Ncl-N87, and SNU-1). The ILF3 protein expression was significantly higher in gastric cancer cell lines than gastric epithelial cell line. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, ****P < 0.0001.