Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 4000—4013

Knockdown of Peroxiredoxin V increased the cytotoxicity of non-thermal plasma-treated culture medium to A549 cells


Figure 6. The addition of NAC suppressed cell death and restored the MMP. (A and B) Apoptotic A549 cells transfected with shPRDX5 and Mock A549 cells were detected via Mito-SOX staining and observed under fluorescence microscopy after treatment with PAM. (C and D) Imaging of shPRDX5-transfected A549 cells and Mock A549 cells exposed to PAM and stained with JC-1. The data are presented as the mean ± standard deviation of three independent experiments. Significant differences are indicated at *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001 vs. the control. Con, control.