Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 4050—4068

Comprehensive analysis of histone deacetylases genes in the prognosis and immune infiltration of glioma patients


Figure 3. Stratified analyses of established HDAC-related genes prognostic model in TCGA. (A and B) Age (>41 vs. ≤41). (C and D) Gender (male vs. female). (E and F) Histology (LGG vs. GBM). (GI) WHO stage (II, III and IV). (JL) Type of tumors (Primary, secondary vs. recurrent). (M and N) 1p19q (Non-codel and codel). (O and P) mutant and wildtype. (Q and R) Radiotherapy (Yes vs. No). (S and T) Chemotherapy (Yes vs. No).