Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 4050—4068

Comprehensive analysis of histone deacetylases genes in the prognosis and immune infiltration of glioma patients


Figure 4. Association between HDAC genes and clinical characteristics in glioma patients. (A) Heatmap indicated the expression of HDAC genes between two subclasses. (B) Heatmap of associations among risk stratifications and clinical parameters and six HDAC genes expression. Comparisons of risk score among different clinical parameters: (C) age (>41 vs. ≤41), (D) gender (male vs. female), (E) WHO stage (II, III, IV). (F) histology (LGG vs. GBM). (G) PRS type (primary, recurrent, and secondary). (H) IDH mutation status (mutant vs. wild type). (I) 1p19q codeletion status (codel vs. non-codel). (J) radiotherapy status (No vs. Yes). (K) chemotherapy (No vs. Yes).