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Protective effect of fluoxetine against oxidative stress induced by renal ischemia-reperfusion injury via the regulation of miR-450b-5p/Nrf2 axis


Figure 2. Fluoxetine alleviated oxidative damage caused by renal IRI in male rats. (A) DHE staining of renal tissues in SHAM, FLX, IRI and IRI+FLX groups. ROS exhibit red fluorescence under fluorescent microscope (magnification ×400). (B) Immunofluorescence Assay showed the expression of iNOS from renal ischemia tissues in each group (magnification ×400). (CF) Content of MDA, 8-OHdG, T-AOC, and GSH of renal ischemia tissues in each group. Data were presented as Mean ± SD, *significant difference vs. SHAM group (P < 0.05); #significant difference vs. IRI group (P < 0.05).