Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 4 pp 1177—1198

A novel fatty-acid metabolism-based classification for triple negative breast cancer


Figure 5. Construction of FAM gene signature and FAM scoring system. (A, B) Lasso Cox regression algorithm found the prognostic genes from the 140 prognostic DEGs. (C, D) Survival analyses for RFS (C) and OS (D) between low- and high- FS groups in METABRIC-TNBC cohort. (E) Multivariate Cox regression analysis confirmed that FS could serve as an independent prognostic biomarker for METABRIC-TNBC samples. (F) Alluvial diagram showing the changes of FAM clusters, FS subtypes and overall survival. (G) Differences in KEGG pathways between the low- and high FS groups.