Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 8 pp 2970—2998

Ubiquitin-proteasome system-mediated ubiquitination modification patterns and characterization of tumor microenvironment infiltration, stemness and cellular senescence in low-grade glioma


Figure 3. Characteristics of ubiquitination modification-related phenotypes (CSC stemness). (A) Hierarchical clustering dendrograms of identified co-expressed genes in modules. (B) Correlations between the gene modules and clinical traits. (C, D) The hub genes in blue modules. (E) Survival analyses for the two CSC-clusters based on 523 patients with low-grade glioma from TCGA-LGG cohort. (F) GSVA enrichment analysis in the two CSC-clusters. (G) Abundance of Immune cell in the two CSC-clusters.