Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 12 pp 3223—3240

Identification of Salvia haenkei as gerosuppressant agent by using an integrated senescence-screening assay


Figure 1. Schematic representation of the platform for the in vitro identification of anti-senescent compounds. (a) Number of chemical and natural extracts from the plants and blue marine ecosystem used for the screening. (b) Schematic representation of the screening steps. (c-d) Cytostatic and cytotoxic compounds were excluded from the screening and only anti-senescence hits progressed. Compounds that induced a statistically significant increase (of 40% or more) in cell growth were considered potential anti-senescent candidates. Instead, compounds that induced a statistically significant decrease in cell number were considered pro-senescent (40% to 60% decrease), and cytotoxic (more than 60% decrease).