Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 8 pp 2122—2135

A Drosophila model of cigarette smoke induced COPD identifies Nrf2 signaling as an expedient target for intervention


Figure 1. CS exposure alters physiological parameters. (A) Lifespan of chronically CS exposed w1118 female flies (red symbols) compared to that of matching controls (black symbols). Statistical analysis revealed signficant differences (p< 0.0001, n =8). (B) Body fat contents of 10d CS exposed w1118 females (red) and of matching controls (black). Mean values are significantly different (p<0.0001, n=5). (C) Mean metabolic rate of w1118 females after 10d of CS exposure and their matching controls (p<0.005, n = 11). Red symbols/bars mean CS exposed, black symbols/bars mean matching controls.