Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13128—13146

Long-term low-dose ethanol intake improves healthspan and resists high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice


Figure 4. Low-dose ethanol intake resisted HFD-induced organ pathology. (A) Four group regimens. Mice fed with high-fat diet from week 32 to week 44. (BE) Caloric intake, daily liquid intake, fecal output, and bodyweight of four groups (n=10 per group). (F) Representative anatomical images from four regimens after the 12-week treatment. HFD mice showed expanded visceral fat. (G) Representative images of mouse liver. HFD mice showed expanded fatty liver. (H) Liver weight ratio. (IJ) H&E staining and Oil Red O staining of liver after the 12-week treatment. Scale bar = 35μm. (KL) Triglyceride and cholesterol level of liver (n=8 for each group). (M) H&E staining of adipose tissue. Scale bar = 70μm. (NR) X-axis movement, Oxygen consumption rate, CO2 production rate, energy expenditure rate, and respiratory exchange ratio of HFD mice and LLE+HFD mice after the 12-week treatment (n=8 for each group). Data are presented as mean ± SEM. *, P< 0.05, **, P< 0.01, ***, P< 0.001.