Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 780—788

Integrin αEβ7 is involved in the intestinal barrier injury of sepsis


Figure 2. (A) The intestinal tissue percentages of IL-9-producing CD4(+) T cells of rats in control cohort (0.28%±0.06%), sepsis cohort (1.05%±0.05%), sepsis+αEβ7i cohort (0.33%±0.03%), and sepsis+αEβ7e cohort (1.41%±0.05%), respectively (P <0.05). The right upper quadrant of each figure represents a subset of IL-9-producing CD4(+) T cells. (B, C) The expression levels of αEβ7, E-cadherin, IL-9, and D-lactate in intestinal tissue of rats among the four cohorts. (D) Survival curves for up to 14 days of rats among the four cohorts (P <0.05). * P <0.05, ** P <0.01, *** P <0.001.