Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 728—746

Influence of age and sex on microRNA response and recovery in the hippocampus following sepsis


Figure 3. Direction of mRNA expression associated with increased miR expression on day 1 and day 4 post-sepsis. The open bars represent the mean + SEM percent of total differentially expressed genes, associated with the 22 miRs that increased in older males on day 1 and day 4, for each category (Day 1 and Day 4 up and downregulated genes). The filled bars represent the percent of differentially expressed genes, relative to day 1 upregulated, which are expected due to an increase in the total number of differentially expressed genes. Note that for day 4, the percent of upregulated differentially expressed genes is 68% of predicted and the percent of downregulated differentially expressed genes is 120% of predicted, suggesting that upregulated miRs are gaining control (i.e., downregulating) the associated mRNA.