Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 2 pp 728—746

Influence of age and sex on microRNA response and recovery in the hippocampus following sepsis


Figure 4. Increasing the number of miRs associated with an individual gene promotes mRNA downregulation. (A) Each bar represents the proportion of mRNAs (y-axis) that were upregulated on day 1 (blue bar) and day 4 (orange bar) or downregulated on day 1 (black bar) and day 4 (white bar) and were associated with 1 to ≥10 of the 22 miRs (x-axis) that increase in older males. (B) Collapsing the data to show that the percent of gene expression associated with 1–2 or ≥3 miRs. Note that on day 4, mRNA associated with ≥3 miRs are more likely to be downregulated.