Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2395—2417

p21 facilitates chronic lung inflammation via epithelial and endothelial cells


Figure 2. p21-/- improves the pathophysiology triggered by chronic LPS exposure. WT and p21-/- mice were exposed to either PBS or aerosolized LPS (0.5 mg/ml), 3 times a week for 10 weeks. At 48 hours following the last LPS exposure the lungs were harvested, fixed, and stained by H&E. (A) Representative images of lung sections featuring bronchi and alveoli of WT and p21-/- mice. Scale bar represents: 200μm. (B) Airway wall thickness of the lung described in (A). (C) mRNA expression levels of chronic bronchitis associated component Mmp12 in the lungs described in (A). (D) At week 9, mice fitness was assessed by a treadmill assay and was presented as maximal actual distance. (E) Delta maximal actual distance was calculated from the baseline point until week 9 of the mice described in (D). Data information: Data were analyzed using one-way ANOVA, *P<0.05. **<0.005. ***P<0.0005 (B, C), and by Mann Whitney u test (D, E), *p<0.05. Data represent mean ±SEM (A, B, n=5; C, n=3-8; D, E, n=4-5 independent repeats).