Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2554—2581

A novel inflammation-related signature for predicting prognosis and characterizing the tumor microenvironment in colorectal cancer


Figure 1. Construction and validation of the IRG risk score in CRC. (A) LASSO regression was performed, and the minimum criteria and coefficients were calculated. (B) Univariate Cox regression analysis of 11 candidate prognosis-related IRGs. (C, D) Kaplan-Meier analysis of overall survival (C) and progression-free survival (D) based on the IRG risk score of CRC patients in the TCGA dataset (log-rank p < 0.0001). (E) ROC curve of the IRG risk score for 1-, 3- and 5-year overall survival in the TCGA dataset. (F, G) The distribution of risk scores, survival status and candidate gene expression data of CRC patients based on the IRG risk score in the TCGA dataset.