Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2689—2704

Long noncoding RNA POU6F2-AS2 contributes to the aggressiveness of nonsmall-cell lung cancer via microRNA-125b-5p-mediated E2F3 upregulation


Figure 2. Disturbing POU6F2-AS2 expression hampers the malignant phenotype of NSCLC cells. (A) The knockdown efficiency of si-POU6F2-AS2 in H460 cells was uncovered by qRT-PCR. ***P < 0.001 vs. si-NC group. (B and C) The proliferation and colony-forming of POU6F2-AS2-silenced H460 cells. **P < 0.001 vs. si-NC group. (D and E) The motility of H460 cells after POU6F2-AS2 downregulation. **P < 0.001 vs. si-NC group.