Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2689—2704

Long noncoding RNA POU6F2-AS2 contributes to the aggressiveness of nonsmall-cell lung cancer via microRNA-125b-5p-mediated E2F3 upregulation


Figure 4. POU6F2-AS2 executes as a miR-125b-5p sponge in NSCLC. (A) The location of POU6F2-AS2 predicted by lncLocator. (B) The detection of the POU6F2-AS2’s subcellular location by nuclear–cytoplasmic fractionation assay. (C) Expression of miR-125b-5p and miR-223-3p in LUAD and LUSC samples from TCGA database. *P < 0.01 and **P < 0.001 vs. normal group. (D) Expression of the aforementioned candidates in NSCLC cells after disturbing POU6F2-AS2 level. **P < 0.001 vs. si-NC group. (E) The binding sequences between POU6F2-AS2 and miR-125b-5p. (F) Luciferase activity induced by WT-POU6F2-AS2 or MUT-POU6F2-AS2 was examined in NSCLC after miR-NC or miR-125b-5p mimic transfection. **P < 0.001 vs. miR-NC group. (G) RIP experiment corroborated the interaction between POU6F2-AS2 and miR-125b-5p. **P < 0.001 vs. IgG group.