Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2734—2771

Comprehensive analysis reveals TSEN54 as a robust prognosis biomarker and promising immune-related therapeutic target for hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 13. TSEN54 may be relevant to m6A modification in HCC. Heatmaps illustrate the association between TSEN54 and regulators relevant to m6A by (A) TCGA and (B) ICGC databases in HCC. (C) The linkage between high and low expression of TSEN54 and the m6A-related regulators in HCC. (D) Regulators with expression correlation greater than 0.55 and exhibiting meaningful differential expression are shown by the Venn plot. (E) The correlation scatter plots between TSEN54 and 3 regulators in the cross set, including YTHDF1, RBM15B and HNRNPA2B1. (F) Survival curves of YTHDF1, RBM15B and HNRNPA2B1 in HCC.