Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 7 pp 2433—2449

Viral vector-mediated upregulation of serine racemase expression in medial prefrontal cortex improves learning and synaptic function in middle age rats


Figure 2. Upregulation of SR expression in mPFC accelerated learning an initial rule. (A) Middle-aged rats with LV-SR (N = 7) required fewer trials to reach criterion on visual discrimination than LV-GFP rats (N = 9). In contrast, LV-SR and LV-GFP rats did not significantly differ from one another regarding trials to criterion (TTC) for the extradimensional set shift (B) or reversal (C). Filled circles in (AC) representing individual data points. Data represented as mean ± SEM, with individual rat’s performance displayed as single data point. **p < 0.01.