Circular RNAs (circRNAs) have recently been shown to exert effects on multiple pathological processes by acting as miRNA sponges. However, the roles of circRNAs in ovarian senescence are largely unknown. The objective of this study was to identify the circRNAs involved in ovarian aging and predict their potential biological functions. We first performed RNA-sequencing to generate ovarian circRNA expression profiles from young (n = 3) and aging (n = 3) groups. In total, 48,220 circRNAs were identified, of which 194 circRNAs were significantly up-regulated and 207 circRNAs were down-regulated during aging (fold change > 2, P < 0.05). Bioinformatics analysis demonstrated that the metabolic process, regulated secretory pathway, oxidation-reduction process, steroid hormone biosynthesis, and insulin secretion pathways, which may be associated with ovarian aging, were significantly enriched (P < 0.05). The biological characteristics of ovary-derived circRNA, such as back-splicing, RNase R resistance, stability, and alternative splicing, were further validated. Bioinformatics predicted that most of the circRNAs harboured miRNA binding sites, of which circDDX10-miR-1301-3p/miR-4660-SIRT3 axis may be involved in the regulation of ovarian function. Our study indicates that circRNAs are aberrantly expressed in the aging ovary and may play potential roles in the development of ovarian senescence.