This article has been corrected:  The authors requested to add missing funding information for author M.P omitted by mistake. The authors declare that this correction does not change the results or conclusions of this paper. The updated Funding information is provided below, the added sentence is marked in bold.


This work was supported by: The Cariplo Foundation grant (2016-0874) BPIFB4 isoforms: possible genetic risk factor and therapeutic tool for human frailty to A.A.P. and C.V, and Cariplo Foundation grant (2016-1006) Multicomponent Analysis of Physical Frailty Biomarkers to M.P. British heart Foundation Project Grant no. PG/18/66/33838 “Transferring healthy longevity gene to improve age-related heart dysfunction” to P.M; Grant of Italian Ministry of University (PRIN: progetti di ricerca di rilevante interesse nazionale – Bando 2015 Prot 20157ATSLF “Discovery of molecular and genetic/epigenetic signatures underlying resistance to age-related diseases and comorbidities”) to A.A.P, C.V. and G.R; Italian Ministry of Health (Ricerca Corrente) to A.A.P, C.V. and M.P.