Increasing evidence indicated that long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA) play critical roles in the progression of multiple cancers and that dysregulation of lncRNA promotes tumor progression. However, the function and underlying mechanism of lncRNA DLEU2 in biological behaviors of NSCLC cells are still largely unknown. Our studies confirmed that lncRNA DLEU2 was highly expressed in NSCLC tissues and cell lines, which was correlated with shorter overall survival in NSCLC patients. In vitro, knockdown of lncRNA DLEU2 inhibited proliferation, invasion, migration and induced apoptosis of both A549 and LLC cells; In vivo, it suppressed tumor growth and metastasis. lncRNA DLEU2 directly interacted with miR-30c-5p, which further targeted SOX9 and exerted oncogenic functions in NSCLC. Mechanistically, overexpression of lncRNA DLEU2 exhibits tumorigenic effects through downregulating the inhibitory effect of miR-30c-5p on SOX9 expression. In conclusion, Our finding confirmed that lncRNA DLEU2 as a novel oncogenic in NSCLC, which provide a potential novel diagnostic and therapeutic target for NSCLC.