Prostatic cancer stem-like cells (PCSLCs) play an essential role in PCa development. Accumulating evidence suggests that androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) or chemotherapy using docetaxel could expand the population of PCSLCs. Therefore, understanding the underlying mechanisms responsible for PCSLCs expansion has broadly scientific interest. Here, our results revealed that lncRNA HOTAIR could increase PCSLCs population via activating STAT3 signaling. Mechanistically, HOTAIR functioned as miR-590-5p sponge and prevented it from targeting the 3’UTR of IL-10, one upstream molecule of STAT3 signaling, leading to IL-10 upregulation and STAT3 activation. We also found that HOTAIR was required and sufficient to cause Docetaxel resistance (DocR) in C4-2 PCa cells. Moreover, our in vivo animal study also confirmed that Du145-HOTAIR mice had a faster tumor growth rate and a poorer survival rate compared to control cohorts. Our data build compelling rationale to target HOTAIR for the depletion of PCSLCs and alleviation of Docetaxel resistance.